Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not good at record keeping

One of my downfalls with my dog training is not keeping my record keeping and plans of action up to date.  However, today I worked with Dylan on running over three jumps, having been left in a wait.   Fast turns, 360 fast spins.  Restrained Recalls and crate games. Dylan was shy of the crate but is now participating slowly and building up confidence in crate games.  His restrained recall was lovely and fast on both sides.  He tended to flatten the middle of the three jumps.  Will ask on recallers if anyone knows how to cure this one.

Ponto didn't believe in the restrained recall on my own using a lead wrapped loosely round a post, even though I did it just how Susan did it with Swagger.  She stayed where she was assuming she was tied up and doing relaxed isolation instead.  We did get there in the end, but her restrained recall from her crate is very good now.  She had no problem with going over the three jumps, being sent over and being left in a wait and called.  Ponto is now at the stage where I can throw a toy, run around, anything and she stays in the crate till released.    Tomorrow I will leave her in the crate and run Dylan in the garden to test her even further.

Percy was also a little confused with a restrained recall using the lead round the post.  Her crate games are coming along.